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Wednesday 2 May 2012

Big fish and camaras

Another tench trip with a few more of the little green gems caught, but the 'little' is the story, nothing over the 5lb mark for me. Another angler fishing nearby did give me the chance to try out the new camera I brought last week on a gem of a fish and I'm very pleased with the results so far.
                                          I would have been pleased with this near 8lb tench

The camera is the Canon EOS 60D and I purchased the body only as I already have a number of lens to suit this model as is normal practice. I'll keep the Canon SX1 IS as it is more compact and fits in the tackle bag quite comfortably, the new camera is just that little bit bigger and I would be less likely to carry it about on the longer walks to various venues or when river fishing. If the fish deserves that extra bit of effort I can always make the effort to get the camera afterwards.
                                                                Canon EOS 60D

Although this model fits into the Canon semi pro range they have at last included a reversible screen and IR remote firing system, essential to me for self-take shots. Once I've mastered the various extra options available on this model I'm sure it will open another range of photo opportunities and I will be experimenting over the coming weeks to see what can be done.

When I think back to those first plastic Brownie film cameras that took the 1lb and 2lb chub that were the normal result of my initial fishing trips and compare them to this 18 million pixel digital marvel I wonder just what we will be using in another 15 years or so to record our captures.


  1. The 60D is a brilliant camera Phil and the picture taken of that tench is wonderful, I do agree that it is a tad heavy for using when roving. The flip round screen is a real plus, especially as it is a rarity on most dslr's.

  2. I've been battling with myself over cameras for a few months now, I'm using a Canon G5 which I bought as a stop gap after my Canon Pro 1 packed up. The Pro1 was excellent and the G5 certainly isn't a bad camera either, both have flip screen and remote which I wouldn't be without either.

    The G12 is strongest contender at teh minute, size is an issue with me as I more often than not carry very little kit, an SLr adds a lot of bulk and in fact wouldn't fit in some of my fishing bags, but then I know you get better quality with the slr. The other option is Canons fairly new G1X, £500 for something without changeable lenses makes me think on that although it does have an slr quality sensor

  3. I looked at the SX40 which has quite a profile but no IR remote but you could look at the SX30 similar to my current SX1 but with a 30X optical zoom and good normal photo options as well. Just over £300 I think.

  4. Yes I've looked at that too Phil, felt a bit plasticy but thats by the by and not really important, the zoom is very impressive and it would be lovely to have that option but the size is creeping up towards SLR and the quality is down a bit from the G12. No remote as you say but there is an intervalometer facility that allows you to set it to fire off a given number of shots with a defined pause between. On that subject you may or not be aware that you can actually upgrade a lot of Canon's software wise, have a look here


    I don't know, I'll stick with what I've got until I'm certain, in an ideal world I'd have a G12 and an SLR but that aint going to happen

  5. In 15 years time you'll be able to take pictures with your own eyeballs, I reckon. 30 years, with your own thoughts! 100 years, cameras will realise they have their own intelligence and make plans to use us to take pictures for them. 1,000 years, cameras will start having sex with each other and create their own offspring. 100,000 years they will start to overthrow humans. 1,000,000 years they will rule the planet!

    I'm already having bleedin' arguments with mine, as if it's a wife or something. Perhaps my estimates are too conservative?

  6. Jeff that made me chuckle. Until that time can anyone recommend a good quality self take camera, Im due an up grade, prefer a flip round screen, any advice would be appreciated, cheers

    1. Depends what you're after, but you can get some good bargains on ebay.

      If you are looking for a camera that can shoot exceptionally well yet remain with a smaller footprint compared to a dslr, then the Panasonic G3-DMC is more than capable, with the 14-42 mm kit lens it weighs around 15ozs so very useable on trips where you wouldn't wish to carry something overly bulky, but at the same time wanting to produce some very high quality photos, it comes with a flip round screen and has one of, if not the best lcd viewfinder, optional remote and if you like hd video, it has this with stereo sound, (mics placed on the roof of camera)near the flash. You can normally get these on ebay, but usually they go for around £300.

      the Canon SX10IS is a very good performer given its age, with a 20x zoom, flip round screen, capable of being set to take multiple self takes and it also comes with its own wireless remote control. This camera also records hd movies, the picture of the kingfisher on my blog was taken with an SX10IS.
      these can be picked up for £125.

      You can pick up the Canon SX30is for as low £170, this does have a flip round screen and is capable of being set to fire off 10 shots consecutively on up to a 30 second self timer and that way you usually will have a good picture or two from that set of pictures and I have never found a need to have a remote with it. the fact that it is compact whilst still retaining a 30x zoom is a nice bonus. That and 720p stereo video recording capability. However it is not the fastest of shooters and I do feel that coupled with too manay pixels on the image sensor, can sometimes result in noisier pictures. The newer model the Canon Sx40hs has gone a long way to remedying that and is also capable of shooting at a more rapid pace, useful for wildlife.

      If However a long zoom and video recording are not so much of an interest, take a look at the Samsung EX1. This has some of the best image quality I have seen and also one of the brightest lens, on a camera of its size, also shoots in raw and has a very bright amoled flip round screen, these pop up on ebay sometimes going for £130 and I cannot stress how good the IQ is on this camera for stills, that and the casing feels rugged firm, almost bombproof, alas it does not have a viewfinder however.

      One thing I would stress, is that you should go into your local camera shops and have a good look around first and foremost.

      Phil if you're interested in some excellent third party firmware for the EOS 60D, I would suggest taking a look at the Magic Lantern.


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  8. I've never noticed that reply to button before, technology eh! I've now discovered a mate owns an SX40 and it produces some cracking pictures, that zoom makes it very tempting as a good all rounder if I can persuade myself to carry it.