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My third book, 'Targets set and achieved' is now complete and ready for sale. As the title suggests it reflects the past seven years of my fishing. Twenty different rivers where double figure barbel were caught, crucians and roach to near record size, perch, chub, tench and bream to make the mouth water. All will be in the pages and well illustrated with lots of colour photographs.

There is a 1000 copy print run of the hardback edition and a further 40 leather bound copies for the connoisseur.

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Saturday 27 August 2016

Canadian Sturgeon

A trip to the Fraser River in Canada is on the bucket list of many anglers.  The sturgeons grow very big and if it takes your fancy the salmon run in the river is counted in the millions.  This year I returned again with good friends John Found and David Cook for a 6 days on the boat trip.  We would again be using Cascade Fishing Adventures with Marc Laynes in charge.  Working out of Chilliwack on the west coast of the country they organise everything, hotel, lift to and from the Vancouver Airport and of course the guided boat trips with all tackle and bait supplied.

We arrived to be told by anglers just finishing the break that the fishing was slow but with 17 sturgeon landed and a number of others lost to hook pulls, snags and foul hooking, it seemed quite good to us.  My best was an 8ft 300lb specimen and both John and Dave had 7ft 200lb fish although the largest fish hooked fell to John.  This fish probably about 9ft leapt well clear to give us and excellent view of her spender and after thirty minutes of more of the fight she found a snag and was lost, very disappointing.  My best fight or at least the most powerful came from a probable 7ft fish hooked in the tail, quickly released from the barbless hooks being used it swam off without a problem leaving quite a memory.

I’ll put up a series of photos that I’m sure will give a feel of the trip but if you get the chance then go.

                              My 8ft specimen.  Advised not to lift the head clear of the water.

                                         Dave's big fish   200lb +

                                            John's best fish  200+

                                                 They are not all big.

                                           John tries his best to lift a big one off the bed.

                                            Quite a backdrop for a days fishing.

                                                          A good fighting bend for Dave.

                                                 Waiting for the next bite.

Whilst travelling the bank we also saw bear, deer, coyote, and a wide range of eagles, vultures, and other species of strange birds.   Add to that the longest trains, John counted 150 trucks on one that passed.


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  1. so beautiful fish you catch i so went to canda for fishing with MM Travel MM travels